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Well it was cold - damn cold! A wonderful city for walking even in the cold. Beautiful buildings, fabulously decorated churches and classical concert touts! Everywhere you were offered Mozart and Strauss concerts. We attended one in the Kursalon and it was lovely. Music, singing and ballet.

Public transport was easy and shopping was fun. We bought Jangles a coat at one of the markets.

St Stephen's is the principal cathedral right in the centre of the city. It was snowing!

The fabulous decorative tile work. Very Austrian I think.

St Stephens cathedral

Another view of the cathedral.

Horse drawn carriages waiting for the tourists coming out of the cathedral and take them on a city tour.

Avant garde architecture

In the suburbs - the Hunderwasser Haus - very avant garde.

A lovely pulpit in St Peters church. We were there during Lent - hence the purple cloth!

The Hunderwasser Haus looks a bit run down these days.

Another view - I think it was more impressive when it was new - or even "glowing in the summer sunshine"

The obligatory visit to Schonnbrun Palace - it was a shortish train ride from Vienna.

The Hofburg Theatre opposite the Town Hall - Rathaus.

The SeeGrotto near Mayerling was used during the war to build planes. It is retained as a museum.

Carriages waiting for tourists with the Rathaus in the distance.

The belltower of St Charles Borromeo church

Fabulous carving on the pulpit in St Stephen's cathedral.

Heiligenkreuz - Holy Cross. A Cistercian monastery near Mayerling

The interior of St Charles Borromeo

More of the relics in the SeeGrotto up in the Vienna Hills

It is astounding that they could actually build whole planes in such a small place.

Holy Cross - near Mayerling

Private retreat in St Peter's

The cloisters of Holy Cross

Private "balcony" in St Peter's church - obviously for gentry!

St Charles Borromeo church

The courtyard of a little tavern in Grinzing

Grinzing entertainment

Evening in Grinzing - up in the Vienna Woods

Entertainment in a tavern in Grinzing

Strauss monument by day

Strauss monument by night

Getting the daily gossip in Vienna

A central shopping mall in the heart of Vienna

A little side street in Vienna

America - Australia monument on one of the museums on Maria Teresa Platz - the Kuntz History Museum I think.

The view from the Reisenrad - the big Ferris Wheel

Belvedere - a beautiful palace in Vienna - recently restored I believe.

A beautiful stained glass window - primarily black and white - in Holy Cross monastery

Beautiful ceiling murals in Holy Cross

Lovely paneling and murals along the cloisters of Holy Cross

The exterior of Holy Cross.

Long view of the cloisters of Holy Cross.

Tomb of the last Babenberg in Holy Cross


Kursalon Theatre by day. We attended a lovely concert here one evening.

Just as beautiful in the evening.

Outside the Kuntz History Museum - with America-Australia in the background

Mayerling is now a Carmelite Convent and this was a little chapel devoted to St Therese of Lisieux

Another Hofburg museum and the tourist cab awaits!

I loved the juxtaposition of the elegant Mozart Cafe and the Aussie Pub!

Marie Therese Platz and the Kuntz History Museum.

The utterly glorious architecture of the Rathaus - Town Hall.

An interesting chandelier in a little restaurant near where we stayed.

Beautiful ironwork on the gates of Schonnbrun Palace

Sacher Hotel - home of the delicious Sacher Torte. Yes, it was expensive but divine.

The SeeGrotto includes an underground lake.

The impressive St Michael guarding his church.

The Vienna Reisenrad.

Vienna in winter

St Charles Borromeo church