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Almost home! Some heat at last and the chance to wear our teeshirts. We only had a couple of days in Bangkok. A couple of massages, some shopping, some temples, some very spicy Thai food and a long wait at the airport. Michael was so anxious to get home that he insisted we go to the airport at 2:00pm even though our flight didn't leave until midnight! We were both really looking forward to seeing Jendi and Jangles again.

A little market in the heart of Bangkok

Prayers at one of the numerous shrines in the city.

Part of the Royal Monastery buildings.

A shrine in the garden of the monastery.

Meat for sale in the outdoor market.

Topiary - very Bangkok!

Another part of the Royal Monastery.

Inside of the Golden Buddah shrine.

More topiary.

Clothing, among many other things, for sale in the market.

Bell in the temple gardens.

The Golden Buddah shrine.

A shrine in a private garden. There are simple shrines all over the city.

Outdoor shrine attached to the Golden Buddah complex.

The elections were nigh! Electioneering was very enthusiastic.

Typical motorway design.

One of the klongs near a market.

An outdoor area of the Royal Monastery.

The shrine to a very holy monk - his body was preserved miraculously. This was inside the Royal Monastery.

Another outdoor shrine.

The Piccidilly Circus of Bangkok!

Michael with our Tuk-tuk driver.

Roof detail on a temple.

Topiary, tuk-tuks and motorway. The modern Bangkok.

Window detail.

A small shrine in the grounds of the Royal Monastery.