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The Hungarian resentment of the Russians was the strongest we came across. The people acknowledged their communist past but did not "forgive" the Soviets. The House of Terror educating people on the atrocities committed by both the Nazis and the Soviets, and housed in the very building they used, is very telling. It is clearly directed towards Hungarians and not at tourists. Surprisingly, there is very little about the Nazis - about 85% of the museum is about the Soviets.

Inside the ornately beautiful St Matthias Church in Buda

The statue of St Stephen beside St Matthias with its wonderful roof detail

One view of the National Theatre

In the grounds of the Vojdahunyad Castle near to Heroes Square

The base of the pillar in Heroes Square at the end of Andrassy Avenue

Statue of St Stephen outside St Matthias

Looking towards the Parliament Building across the Danube River from Fishermans Bastion

Stateu park on the outskirts of Budapest - the end of the tram line! All the old Soviet statues have been moved here - just to let everyone know what the hungarian people think of them!

Across the bridge to Heroes Square

A lovely statue on the path leading to the National Theatre

Quaint shops in the Buda Castle precinct

The very elegant Chain Bridge across the Danube

The very first underground railway line was in Budapest and it still operates. It runs the length of Andrassy Avenue - the posh-est street in towm.

One of the famous Budapest spas.

Fisherman's Bastion behind St Matthias

Close-up of the very Magyar figures in Heroes Square

Is this an ugly hotel or what?? It is the Marriot. Maybe it used to be a prison? But it is on the banks of the Danube so the river view is a bit better

Another view of the Fishermans Bastion

Front view of St Matthias Church in the Buda Castle area

Statue of St Stephen on the Millenium Monument in Heroes Square

More views of the National Theatre

It is a very impressive building

The dome of St Stephen's Cathedral. The church decorations are very 'splendid' and 'lavish'

The Sculpture park again with an old Trabant car

Marx and Engels - relegated to the Budapest equivalent of Siberia

And Lenin is their neighbour! I loved the irony of the Sculpture park concept. So much better than just destroying the statues.

St Stephens Square. We attended a beautifully sung mass in St Stephens - and the choir was from America on tour.

The old Trabants still serve a purpose.

Some of the fabulous tile work on the roof of St Matthias

A different view of the Chain Bridge. There are quite a lot of bridges over the Danube but this is the most famous.

More lavish decorations inside St Matthias

Yet another view of the National Theatre

Some of the ever present graffiti on beautiful buildings in the heart of Budapest.

Budapest had so many striking cupolas - the tile work is amazing.

The dome of St Stephens through fine tracery of winter trees

Statue of Listz on the Opera House wall.

Entrance to the chapel in Vojdahunyad Castle

Close up of the entrance to the National Theatre

The National Theatre once again

A different view of the beuatiful parliament Building - even the scaffolding looks elegant!