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These photos are not, strictly speaking, just of California. They are from San Francisco, Berkeley (really San Francisco, but the locals insist that it is a different city!), Santa Cruz, some of Death Valley, then up to Carson City and Virginia City in Nevada and a little of Oregon as we drove up I-5. This was one of the scariest roads we travelled simply because of the number of large trucks using it. I would estimate that 75% of the road traffic would be trucks and road trains.




A typical view of Alcatraz in San Francisco bay

The tower and some buildings on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. It was a very radical campus in the 60's



One of the fabulous colleges on the Berkeley campus.

Ghirardelli Square at one end of Fisherman's Wharf on the waterfront in San Francisco

Once again, the waterfront on San Francisco Bay. The elegant Balclutha is permanently moored here but you can take tours of her.

Obviously, the Golden Gate bridge from near to Sausilito.

Muir Woods is just north of the Golden Gate bridge and is a wonderful, peaceful place with large redwoods.

Here are some more of the redwoods at Muir Woods.

I was surprised to find this huge Gum Tree guarding one of the entrances to Berkeley. There is a whole grove of them just off to the right.

One of the famous San Francisco Cable Cars. They are really just a tourist thing now - it is too expensive for normal commuters. They used to be "just another bus"!

Alioto's Fish Restaurant in the heart of Fisherman's Wharf.

On to Sanat Cruz - a surfer mecca. This is a memorial for all the surfers who have lost their lives or been injured in "the cause" of their sport.

Sausilito houseboats - some beautiful, others just "there"!

Idyllic setting for a relaxed lifestyle at Sausilito.

Still in Sausilito, looking towards the city.

Looking towards Alcatraz from Pier 39.

A lovely park in downtown Oakland.

A bit of American humour - or should that be "humor"?

A restored lighthouse at Santa Cruz

One view of the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Even in winter it is lovely.

More "etherial" Lake Tahoe

The floral clock in Golden Gate Park

More of Golden Gate Park. It is a very large park with various attractions inside. This is just the glasshouse.

Back to Santa Cruz - this is the Boardwalk from the Santa Cruz pier.

At Grant's Pass they has a whole "gallery" of individually decorated kennels.

Each kennel was a work of art.

A statue of Kit Carson in the park in downtown Carson City - downtown was not very big.

The autumn colours in the park were stunning!

A wider angle view of the whole boardwalk at Santa Cruz. A "boardwalk" is an amusement park - rides, roller coasters etc.

Moving on the Virginia City - really just an extension of Carson City. It is almost like a reconstructed "old" city made up from buildings transported from all over the country - BUT - the buildings actually belong here!

The "suicide table" seemed to bring bad luck to many of its owners - three or four of them committed suicide, all for different reasons.

The old timber sidewalk in Virginia City. Most of the buildings now house "tourist" shops selling gifts, souvenirs, candy etc. But it is also a functioning town for the people who live there.

An elegant building on the edge of Virginia City - it is now a B & B I think.

We drove from Las Vegas to Carson City via Death Valley. It was cold, windy, dry and eerily beautiful.

The Sierras forming a beautiful backdrop to Death Valley. They had a dusting of snow in October when we were there.

More of the high Sierras.

Throughout the drive through Death Valley, the changes to the rocks and rock colours was striking

Amaroosa Opera House - a relic from the past.

This was as we approached the town of Lone Pine at the end of Death Valley. A stunning setting for a town.

From Zabriskie Point, looking towards Death Valley you get a good idea of some of the striking rock formations.

Our little "Jendi2" sitting in Death Valley.

This was the Casino at Pahrump (Don't you love that name?). Mind you, there was not a lot else at Pahrump!

Please note the door handles at the Casino Entrance!

As we drove up I-5 towards Portland, lovely Mt Shasta

Another view from Zabriskie Point.

As you can see, Death Valley is surrounded by high mountains to both the east and west.

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