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Other English Towns

We didn't visit a lot of cities but we did spend a bit of time in Liverpool, Oxford, Chester and Newcastle.


The ornate gates leading to All Souls College

Ratcliffe Square

Oxford is a cycling city - this is outside Balloil College

Oxford's Bridge of Sighs - maybe it leads to an examination hall!!

Magdalen (pronounced - Maudlin) College

Magdalen College tower

The Sheldonian

Inside St John's College - some colleges were open for visitors for a fee and some were open for free. Obviously St John's was free!!.

A typical street scene

The wonderful sandstone architecture from the top of one of the churches - I can't remember which!


Liverpool and Chester

Chester was just so fabulous. The architectural detail was amazing.

One of the most photographed Chester sights - the clock tower.

A simple office building.

Downtown Chester

Chester Town Hall

More interesting buildings

Chester street

The Clock Tower again.

Chester Cathedral

"The Liver Bird" - one of a pair on an insurance building in Liverpool.

Liverpool from across the Mersey

Ferry Cross the Mersey



An interesting stall in downtown Newcastle

No! It's not the Sinny Harbour Bridge

The Cathedral and part of the New Castle after which the city was named.

Entrance to the New Castle

Looking up one of the main streets

A lovely viaduct not too far north of Newcastle

The Cathedral from the roof of the castle

A humourous sculpture.

A grainy close up of the very intricate clock on the cathedral

You can see the clock on the cathedral tower.

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