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Cotswolds and South

Impossibly pretty villages and a very relaxed and quiet lifestyle. Surely there are some inhabitants who let their houses go.....No! Everything is just so perfect even in winter without the flawless floral displays. The areas around Avebury, Uffington, Silbury and Stonehenge also have an abundance of ancient monuments, monoliths and "white horses" on hillsides.

A beautiful little lane in Avebury.

With a name like Lower Slaughter you would expect a bit of rustic charm!

The thatched houses are sooooooooo cute! This was near Stratford.

The honey coloured stone of the Cotswolds.

A bit of whimsical detail on a thatched roof.

The pub in Avebury and part of the very extensive and well preserved Stone Circle.

The manor house in Lower Slaughter

Such a pretty little "Slaughter" town.


Coming in to Broadway.

Burford - said to be the gateway to the Cotswolds. It is the closest village to Oxford.

A typical Cotswold stone fence.

All the villages are just so picture perfect. And the inhabitants all seem to have gone to acting classes so they could portray the archetypal "English villager".

Another cute cottage in Uffington - home to one of the largest and most famous of the "white horses". Note the straw birds on the roof top!

Just another cute place.

Still Lower Slaughter.

The village of Naunton

Silbury Hill - I don't think they really know who actually built it or why - but it is certainly not natural!

Coming in to Upper Slaughter - still perfect though.

The old stocks at Stow-on-the-Wold

The obligatory visit to Stonehenge. Also VERY expensive to go inside but as you can't actually go inside the circle and you must keep to the path we saved our money and took photos from behind the cyclone wire fence.

Another angle of the cute Uffington house.

Michael in the church yard of Upper Slaughter

With a name like that on the newsagents you know you are in Wales. For mortals it is shortened to Langollen.

Peaceful pastoral scenery near Ruthin in north Wales.

The charming Welsh village of Corwen.

Still Corwen

At least they let the dogs on the train!

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