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We only had a couple of days in Edinburgh but has a wonderful time and loved the history and wit of the Scottish.

Greyfriars Bobby. This little dogs stayed by his master's grave for 14 years after his master's death until his own death.

Bobby's grave. The people in the area around the cemetery fed Bobby during his life, and buried him by his master's grave when he died. I shed buckets of tears here because I was so missing Jendi and Jangles.

Edinburgh Castle - it never fell to outside invaders.

It is quite a forbidding castle and you can understand why it was never successfully stormed.

Robert the Bruce stands guard at the entrance

The crowning of Robert the Bruce in the museum of the castle.

Very elegant castle plumbing

Another view of the castle walls.

The one 0'clock gun. Why 1 o'clock? The Scottish are thrifty - why waste gunpowder on a 12 o'clock gun when you can save money by firing it at 1 pm and only needing one salvo?

The Golden Mile - an elegant, and now expensive road between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrod Castle.

St Margaret's Chapel inside edinburgh Castle.

Scottish sense of humour at the expense of the philosopher Hume!

The new Scottish Parliament building - very controversial. It is so NOT in keeping with the old buildings surrounding it.

Looked aweful to me!

Inside the Castle was a Prisoner of War Museum. This was a beautiful box made by a prisoner

The prisoner's living quarters

An interesting "Please don't litter" sign!

Holyrood Castle - I think it is some government bureaucratic building these days and the Parliament is just across the road.

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