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Frankfurt Area

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Erbach, Limbourg, St Goar and Bad Camberg

Such beautiful places. We didn't really see Frankfurt but, cities are cities! These little towns were so beautifully maintained and so traditional in their architecture. We were there around Easter so the decorations were up and, in the markets, lovely Easter wreaths were on sale. We have nothing like this is Australia. The German people seem to be so proud of their traditions.


Approaching Limbourg - the magnificent cathedral.

One of the few antique shops where I didn't buy anything! Also in Limbourg.

Some of the traditional architecture in this part of the world. Limbourg is quite a big town and very busy commercially.

An interesting Easter decoration at a roundabout in Erbach.

The cathedral in Limbourg

Another view of the Limbourg cathedral.

Across the river to the cathedral

Bad Camberg is so "quaint" it is hard to believe it is a real town and not just an historical re-creation for tourists.

The "leaning tower" of Bad Camberg.

The old building do seem to be a little uneven. I would hate to be a builder trying to install a new kitchen and trying to get the walls straight!!

Frescoes in the church in Bad Camberg

Wonderful slate work in Bad Camberg

I think this is part of an old castle in Bad Camberg - I think it is a school now.

Don't you just love the intricate decorations on the houses?

The really crooked house in Bad Camberg


The tourist information office in Bad Camberg

Still Bad Camberg - so lovely it doesn't seem real.

The Leaning Tower again

What a beautiful signpost - I think they could teach the RTA a thing or two!

Some slatework detail on a roof.

It seems magical - getting slate to curve - or is it an optical illusion?

Every house in Bad Camberg is more beautiful than the last!

A little laneway in Limbourg

These wall murals were quite common throughout the area. This is in St Goar - where the Lorelei lives!

Easter wreaths on sale in Limbourg market.

A cute little church in Erbach - very popular for weddings I was told. You can understand why.

This is Erbach from the hill near that little church.

Rheinfels - one of the striking castles on the Rhine

St Goar - Rhinefels is on the skyline on the right

A shop dedicated to Beer Steins- and flying the aussie flag.

Another wall mural in St Goar.

Looking from Rhinefels across the Rhine and towards another castle. I think the other castle is called "the cat" and one on the other side of Rhinefels is "the mouse".

A slightly closer view of "the cat".

The ramparts of Rhinefels. I think it was the largest of all the Rhine castles.

Looking up towards Rhinefels from the streets of St Goar.

Traffic on the Rhine

The Rhine and "the cat"!

Rhinefels from the Rhine

Rhine scenery.