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After Italy, Switzerland is so "kempt". Even when you saw the backyards of people's homes from the train the hoses were neatly coiled, the machinery in the shed or up against the house wall, kids bikes stored away, no toys strewn all over the yard etc etc. Surely there are at least some migrants who are messy?? Everything was so perfect that I had expected that maybe the people might be a bit "reserved" but everyone we met was so helpful and friendly.

Shopkeepers chatted happily, gave you good advice on where to go and helped you decide on purchases. We had a wonderful time.

Bain des Paquis - the local swimming pool! On Lake Geneva.

Part of the Geneva "old town".

Geneva has THE best flea market I found anywhere in the world. You could buy anything from antique silver, to violins, to washing machines to chipped old crockery.

It covers a very large park in the centre of the commercial district. You have to look for the bargains in the "bargain boxes" but you can also find really beautiful things that were quite expensive.

A beautiful sculpture by the lake. One of the very FEW where the body was clothed!

The Jet d’Eau on Lake Geneva.

The tip of the Jet d’Eau and a modern sculpture on the top of the Bain Des Paquis.

Calvinist Monument near the university.

The Bain from the lake.

Flags of Switzerland, Geneva and the UN.

The United Nations.

The Jet d’Eau .

St Peter's Cathedral.

A rainbow round the Jet d’Eau .

Promenade Des Bastions - it seemed like dozens of chess games in progress at any one time.

Quai de Montblanc - very posh hotel area along the lake shore.

The town hall precinct.

The Calvinist monument.

The city from Port Noir.

A little square in the "old city".

Museum Ariana.

The Martin Bodman Foundation. We thought the Book of Kells exhibition in Dublin was wonderful. Martin Bodman had a fabulous, and huge, collection of old and historic manuscripts - european, asian, middle eastern. Unbelievable!

The old League of Nations building.

A lovely statue on the lakeside - sans clothing!

Inside St Peter's Cathedral. Very stark compared to the highly decorated churches of Italy.

Calvin's Chair in the cathedral.

The Brunswick Monument on the Quai Montblanc.

In the Botanical Gardens - special recognition for Tasmania as a separate country. Hope it doesn't give those Tasweegians ideas!

Brunswick Monument and the water spout.

A beautiful window in the Museum Ariana

A fabulous little motor bike - relatively common in Switzerland.

Brunswick Monument again with swish hotels in the background.

Quai Des montblanc

Ancient arsenal near the town Hall in the old town

The famous floral clock

Same again!

Beautiful detail on the Museum Ariana

Lovely lakeside view


What can I say?

A perfect Swiss village on the way to Interlaken.

Another lovely village in the Alps.

Didn't I say they were all perfect?

Hooters in Interlaken. Those Swiss are very "naughty".

I think this was Briez - on the train to Interlaken.

Naked nymph in the pond.

Churchyard in Interlaken.