Georgia and Alabama   

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The South is still 'The South'. Wonderful people, wonderful food and heartwrenching history. Life seems to be that little bit slower than further north.



The entrance to the Coke Museum in Atlanta. Coca Cola is a big part of Atlanta but the actual Head Office building is a very drab, 1950's square block.

A very interesting statue and fountain at the entrance to "The Underground" - a eating and shopping precinct in part of the railway underground.



 A different entrance to "The Underground"

The Georgia Aquarium. It is very new but is supposed to be a real state of the art aquarium. Because it was so new the queues to get in went around the block - a longer wait than we had time for!

Auburn St, Atlanta where Martin Luther King lived.

Auburn St - it is quite close to where he was a pastor and seems to be in a very nice part of town - now!

Birthplace and home of Martin Luther King.

His grave in the Martin Luther King Centre.

Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last.

Freedon Walk beside the grave.

The New Ebenezer church where he preached. The Old Church is still in use and just across the street.

Stone Mountain in Atlanta. It is a bit like a DisneyLand Frontier Land but a bit more modern. Notice the Christmas Tree in the background with Coca cola all over it!

A cute corner of Stone Mountain

A lovely Christmas Tree in the Stone Mountain National Park

The actual Stone Mountain in the mist.

The scale is a bit smaller than Mt Rushmore but the detail is even more impressive.

The carving is of a Civil War motif.

Early morning on the dam at Fairburn where we stayed.

Mist on the dam and early morning reflections

The Hearndon House. This was the home of a wealthy black man in Atlanta who made his fortune by setting up insurance for "black folk".

The Paralympic Memorial in Olympic Park in Atlanta

The Olympic Monument in Olympic Park

In the Montgomery Museum this was a fabulous dolls house.

The back showed a very detailed interior with elegant furnishings

This was part of "Old Alabama Town" in Montgomery. The "town" was spread over several streets, intersperced among normal residential and commercial buildings.

Inside the little log cabin.

Typical Alabama "gingerbread".

More detail of the woodwork under the eaves as well as along the verandahs

A definite Southern plantation style home - but this was in residential Montgomery

A regular jam session in the community hall in Old Alabama town - apparently this happens every Saturday. There were more musicians jamming out the back.

The Cotton Gin in Old Alabama Town

Inside the cotton gin.

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