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We arrived fairly late in Berlin and were amazed at how easy the public transport system was to use. We stayed in what was West Berlin but walked many miles in both east and west. In the lead-up to the World Cup though, Berlin was one big building site! At least we assumed that it was all because of the World Cup! The weather was cold but we did have one day at least where the sun shone. The rest of the time it was a bit drizzly.

It was wonderful how Berliners, in a very short time, seemed to have managed to unify east and west seamlessly. The city had a feeling of modernity, of pushing the envelope - architecturally, culturally and commercially.

The old Cathedral (Dom) was in the East and was now just a concert hall it seemed. I don't think it had any religious role any more - but I could be wrong!

The beautiful, old and historic Humbolt University campus in the old East Berlin.

The Berlin Bear was very much in evidence - a great dose of fun on a miserable day!

Another bear - they were in all shapes and designs.

The Holocaust Memorial. The German people do not try to deny the past.

It is a moving memorial being so stark.

The Memorial from down among the blocks. Underneath is a very emotional museum with extraordinarily moving exhibits.

The eastern side of the Brandenberg Gate - the site of much street theatre on sunny days.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Church - when I visited in the 1960's they called it the Compact, Lipstick and Rotten Tooth.

The church was almost completely destroyed during the war but some of the marvelous frescoes were saved.

A frieze, damaged but still beautiful in the remains of the church

This was how the church looked prior to the bombings

Looking up the street to the Kaiser Wilhelm Church

A closer view of the Dom - previously the Cathedral

A very poignant memorial to those who have suffered in war.

As with many of the German memorials, it is the starkness that really hits you.

Another creative bear

A piece of the wall! Well they said it was, so who am I to argue.

Parking German style!

Yet another view of the Dom

Humbolt University on Unter den Linden - a boulevard originally of linden trees leading from the Brandenberg Gate to the Dom. It is lined with many historical and beautiful buildings

The Kaiser Wilhelm Church - it is in the middle of a large shopping area.

More street performers in front of the Brandenberg Gate

On rainy days it is not so busy or exciting.

Same ol'! Same ol'!

What a difference the weather makes!


Under the "Dome" - a modern structure housing a sort of museum chronicling the history of the Reichstag.

The top of the dome.

Pictorial history around the base of the mirrored central piece.

There was a quite short queue but a very long wait to get into the Reichstag - and that was really just to get to the dome. It was the slowest moving queue I have ever been on.

Another piece of "the wall".

I think this is the Presidential Palace - just to the side of the Reichstag.

From the 'dome' looking out.

The queue is not that long - just to the bottom of the steps - maybe 30 meters!

It took about 2 hours to get inside the door and past the security.