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We drove around Ireland listening to Irish ballads sung by Roger Whittaker. We certainly saw all of the "forty shades of green". The people were so friendly - and talkative. Just buying a postcard often turned into the telling of life stories! On the road, drivers were so courteous - well, they really have to be, the roads can be pretty narrow. Even though it rained almost every day (at least for some part of the day), the scenery was still magnificent. As the Irish say - if you can't see the hills, it's raining. If you can see the hills, it is about to rain!

Somewhere on the Ring of Kerry. It was raining most of the time as we drove around but was still beautiful.

The grave of St Patrick in the churchyard of Down Patrick Cathedral.

More of the Ring of Kerry.

The Giant's Causeway - supposedly created by a giant so he could walk all the way to Scotland!

An twelfth century celtic cross in the cemetery at Drumcliff just out of Sligo.

A different view of the Giant's Causeway. It certainly doesn't look natural - precisely cut stones neatly stacked one on top of each other.

First Commmunion and Confirmation dresses for sale in Dungarven. Religion is a big part of life.

Yet another view of the Causeway on a very cold and blustery day - but, weren't thye all?

It was very noticeable that the Irish are making the most of whatever sun they get. Conservatories were being built on almost all new homes.

Older homes were also adding conservatories. They were very prevalent.

The Dingle Peninsular. We had sunshine, rain and sleet in the few hours it took to drive around the peninsular.

A typical Irish country pub - not unexpectedly, the outdoor seating areas were rarely used. This one was around Offaly - where we think the O'Carrolls come from.

Sheep, green pastures and a wild and woolly ocean. Very Irish!

The beautiful Kylemore Abbey, west of Galway.

We saw a few sign like this. I can only suppose that four of the previously dead people were raised to life after prays to some saint! It is an odd mistake for the NRA to make and even odder for them to acknowledge the error!

This is what recently cut peat looks like.

This is probably an old peat cutters cottage - only used during the "season".

.....and a peat bog!

Downtown Cobn - pronounced like Cove. I don't know why!

This is what the final product look like when it is on sale in the Service Station!

Slea Head at the end of the Dingle Peninsular. There was a bit of sunshine.

...then there was a lot of rain

The pretty little town of Ardmore.

In Connemara, on the road to Kylemore was the little village of Avoca.

The fabled Bantry Bay

Another peat cutters cottage in the Carna area.

The grave of W. B. Yeats in the church at Drumcliff.

Memorial to the Titanic. Cobn was the final port of call for the illfated Titanic.

Inside the very cute pub at Cobn. Tea and coffee are as easily, and as commonly, purchased as Guinness.

The Wild Colonial Boy - Jack Duggan's in Castlemain.

The Dingle Peninsular again

The Mountains of Mourne and soft green landscape of County Down.

The town of Dungarven. Every building seemed to have been recently renovated or at least painted.

St Patrick's Cathedral in Down Patrick in Northern Ireland. His grave is just up on the left.

The Drombeg Stone Circle.

Looking towards the township of Dingle.

Connemara scenery near Kylemore Abbey.

Sheep on the road - yes! Constantly.

Glengariff on a grey and dismal day.

The ruins of Dunluce Castle on the way to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Killary Harbour mood.

The church at Drumcliff - home place of WB Yeats.



The Kinsale fishing port.

An old stone wall up in the Mountains of Mourne - northern Ireland.

Another view of Killary Harbour.

Sheep on green pastures in the Maam Cross area.

The Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the turbulent sea.

Bustling Waterford. No, we didn't buy anything. We still had a long way to go.

I thought this might have been a pile of Irish potatoes BUT it is actually sugar beet.

Parkes Castle on the shores of Lough Gill

An old stone wall and stile in the Mountains of Mourne.

Tramore - our first stop in Ireland. It is a lovely seaside resort but a bit quiet in winter.

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