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A hard place to spell but a wonderful place to be! Memories of a wonderful lunch with a priest from the countryside. The English was strained but much better than our Slovenian. The Croatians say that the Slovenians are really more Austrian than Slovak. Their language is also more germanic - but we stayed with the few 'trusted" words we knew and they were very similar to Serbo-Croatian. After coping with 14 countries, 12 languages and 10 currencies in 12 weeks we were lucky to be able to Hello and Thank You without getting confused in the end.

The very wonderfully decorated Cathedral

I loved the unusual decorations on the facade of this building. It seemed almost more Maori than European but then I thought it was reminiscent of some of the European embroidery designs on national costumes

What a pretty building

The impressive doors to the cathedral

The cathedral dome

The Dragon Bridge. The river winds through Ljubljana and there are many bridges. This is one of the most famous.

And it does have its own castle - there is a very steep walk up to it though - lost a few kilo getting here!

Just one of the shopping streets - and I think you could be in Austria.

The outdoor market - right opposite where we stayed. Fruit, veges, clothes, flowers, trinkets, fish.....

The extraordinarily beautiful pulpit in the cathedral.

Another shopping street

The river

The Triple Bridge - it goes in three directions across the river

Don't you just love this sign? But he does look more Tyrolean than Slav.

The Church of St Francis

Across the Triple Bridge towards St Francis

Here you can see the three separate "paths" of the bridge. The bridge was designed by a famous Slovenian architect, Josef Plecnik

You can see that the castle is high above the town. This is from a postcard - hence the greenery! You can see the cathedral bell towers on the left.

A lovely little wall shrine - so common in all of Europe

Ljubljana Town Hall with the cathedral in the background

The Dragon Bridge - from the front

Slovenian flag flies over the castle tower

A very decorative Town Hall Clock

The exterior of the Castle