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I think Luzern is the quintessential Swiss town. So beautifully situated, so meticulously maintained and so easy to get around. We did get snowed on and rained on but also had some sunny days. The swans were everywhere and the external decorations on buildings was more than in most places. I particularly liked the paintings under the eaves - very unusual.

The Luzern version of a bendy-bus.

A subtle scarecrow on the hotel where we stayed.

Weggis - a village just down lake Luzern a little.

Weggis again - so beautiful.

Luzern Cathedral

The Jesuit Church.

Luzern Cathedral

The Jesuit Church - with the everpresent swans.

On Lake Luzern.

A wonderful place for a cruise on the lake.

Highly decorative signage.

The Lion of Luzern - such an emotive sculpture.


On Lake Luzern

Just one of the dozens of paintings adorning the Chapel Bridge.

The Chapel Bridge.

Some paintings under the eaves.

A whimsical accent to a house.

More house decorations.

More scary!

Lake Luzern swans.

The Town Hall clock.

The Town Hall

Cathedral altarpiece.

Part of the Old Town wall.

More house decorations.

The township of Brunnen on the lake.

Easter decorations for sale in the market along the waterfront.

The Lion

Beautiful and peaceful Lake Luzern

Decorative signs and eaves.

Jesuit Church decor.

A cute little cafe.


The Chapel Bridge

Jesuit Church

Chapel Bridge

More downtown.

The waterfront.

Flowers for sale in the market.