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As we travelled around we had the opportunity to see lots of animals and a variety of vegetation. There may be some "duplicating" but with the larger animals we were very excited to see them up close for the first time. We also got to see more that we couldn't photograph! Even in Tahlequah we have seen "squirrel fights", deer wandering around the yard, and of course, the dogs! Well, they are just family now.





A playful little squirrel on the Berkeley campus

Under the pier at santa Cruz you will find dozens of sea lions just scratching and relaxing



Wild ducks love to play around the Idaho Falls in Idaho Falls!

Coyote are not that easy to find in Yellowstone. this one was looking decidedly cold!

Many herd of bison frequent all the areas of Yellowstone National Park. This herd was near the North-East entrance.

Down near Old Faithful were nore bison.

Mammoth Springs is home to lots of elk. This is near the North entrance of Yellowstone.

Just enjoying a feed near the car park at Mammoth Springs.

And taking a rest! You can see the steam from one of the fumeroles at Mammoth Springs.

Just outside the North entrance to Yellowstone is Gardiner. These elk were just moseying along the roadside.

The Black Hills of South Dakota are home to a lot of wildlife. Bison.

And pronghorn deer!

Even a little chipmunk. This one was scurrying along in the car park for the Wind Caves.

And more deer!

These longhorn sheep were having a bit of an altercation.

I think the argument is over!

Some wild burros mixing it with the bison!

A lovely squirrel in Central Park.

How cute is this.

Everyone thinks they are only good for target practice however. They are very destructive of the environment - especially if you are a farmer!

A well camouflaged armadillo in the Sequoyah Wildlife Refuge.

Wyoming cattle - well we had to have some momento of the modern "wild west".

Canada geese use the Sequoyah Refuge as a staging place for their migration south in winter.

More of the thousands of snow geese at Sequoyah.


Beautiful plants lining the road through the high Sierras, Death Valley and on to Carson City

A Joshua tree in the Mojave Desert - on the way to Las Vegas.

The Legend of the lovely Dogwood tree.

A sculptured desert plant in Wyoming

Some frosty lantana in Fairburn. That was a very cold morning.

These plants were everywhere - here they are "kissed" with snow.

These "berries" make great Christmas decorations.

Seeing them "on the bush" you would never believe the vibrant red colour they have.

Just outside of Las Vegas is Red Rock Park. More yucca and Joshua trees in a beautiful high valley.

Some genuine 'southern cotton' from Texas.

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