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Bergen, Oslo and Fjords


If a Norwegian has the option of going around a mountain or through it - he will always build a tunnel and go through! Apart from the obviously stunning scenery, I will always remember Norway for its tunnels and its skylights. Bergen was just wonderful - people were so helpful and friendly. We only had a couple of hours in Oslo so only got to walk around town a bit. Didn't get to much of the "touristy" parts.

If Norway is so beautiful in winter, it must be unbelievable in summer! It reminds me very much of New Zealand. Similar size, similar population, stunning scenery, cold weather (well, Norway REALLY wins on that criteria) and friendly people.

Bergen harbour

Changing light makes such a difference.

The Royal Palace near Bergen.

Interesting architecture in Bergen.

Looking down from Mount Floyen

Bryggen - the "old town" of Bergen.

Typical weatherboard houses in Bergen.

Main town square.

Interesting architectural features on the buildings in Bryggen.

Fantoft Stave Church. It was destroyed in about 1992 and has been rebuilt by modern craftsmen.

Ole Bull - Norwegian violinist who was born in Bergen.

Edward Grieg Statue

The funicular railway going up Mount Floyen

The harbour

The "quaintest" MacDonalds I have seen. The Norwegians seem to have been able to tame the corporate giant!

"Cranky boy" - his face is priceless.

Carving on a building in Bryggen

Seafarers memorial in the centre of Bergen

St Mary's Church

A beautiful resort not too far from Bergen. Apparently it is used a lot for conferences too.

You can easily understand it's popularity

Looking out over the fjord.

The view was just stunning.

I think this must have some Viking significance.

More glorious fjord scenery

The home of Edward Grieg.

Called "the folly" - it was a home build by someone famous but I can't remember. Maybe it was Ole Bull.

Beautiful winter reflections on the Gudvanger fjord.

Same again.

And even more.

This was the fjord from Flaam.

A village on the fjord.

More fjords - the mountains are not really high - but they drop so steeply they give the impression of being high.

Even though the light was not good - you couldn't resist taking photo after photo.

It was COLD on the cruise.

Another town along the way from Gudvanger to Flaam.


Our cruise liner awaits.

Near Voss - beautiful hoare frost.

In the mountains between Bergen and Oslo.

Looking towards the railway station at Flaam.

On the Flaam railway looking back towards Flaam.

By the railway.

Frozen icicles along the route.

Another frozen waterfall

A Norwegian tunnel.

More frozen waterfalls

Mountain scenery.

The station at Myrdal.

More of winter in Norway.

Oslo railway station.

A skating rink in the centre of town.

Oslo Parliament building.

Winter floral tributes in Norway.