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Christmas in America is awesome! Christmas lights are like none other. And they also have a couple of other pecularities!


Christmas Lights



Firstly there is Honor Heights in Muscogee. What a park and what a display.

Almost every plant in the park is a blaze of colour.



Tree trunks are outlined and shrubs as filled with lights

There are also little animations - here are a group of kids sledding down a little slope. The middle child has a dog on his sled and the dogs tail wags constantly.

This bridge over a small pond shows the reflections beautifully.

More reflections from the bridge

Another little lake had all the bushes around lit and the small trees had lights on every branch

Sometimes you could easily imagine the azaleas in full flower - the lights mimicing nature!

This little stream ran from the top of the park down the side of the hill. It was lit to resenble running water.

This gives a bit of an overview of one section of the park.

A pretty similar shot really!! The birds were animated.

Many Christmas displays this year had a patriotic "area" with a large flag seem ingly waving in the wind.

A little animated tableau on the side of the lake. Many of the animations had animals included - dogs chasing and catching freesbies, rabbits hopping along a fence, squirrels climbing a tree etc etc.


This was a static tableau of flowers among the trees.

Trees and bushes lining the road through the park.

From Honor Heights to Rheema Bible College. This was one of the college entrances.

The front lawn with a lovely nativity scene.

The arrival of the Maji and the Crib

The main college building was festooned with lights too!

The lights here were very concentrated and what they lacked in subtlety they make up for in quantity.

The central pond has a lovely fountain and lots of ducks.

This bridge over a small stream was constantly "moving" - the lights moving and changing colours.

Each tree in this driveway was coloured with differently coloured lights.

This gives you an idea of the "quantity" of the lights!

You have to see it to believe it!

The bridge - it was an experience to walk through.

The eagle was the college's football teams mascot.

Again with the flag

The flag was a very popular spot for photographs.

Apart fro lights in/on bushes and trees, there were many "shaped" displays - often these were animated but not a cleverly as the ones at honor Heights

More beauty and extravagance.

What more can I say?

Countless lights (well there were many millions of them).

More and more of the same.

It was impossible to imaging the time it must have taken to put this display together.

People come from all over the state to see this display in Tulsa.

And some people even came all the way from Australia to see it.

Eccentrically American

Doesn't everyone need somewhere to carry their firearms? With

The BassPro shop "pedestrian crossing" - they do sell a lot of fishing gear too!

A whole, huge store devoted to camouflage gear, hunting, fishing and camping.

The decor suits the store theme!

In Alpine, near the Grand Teton Mountains - advertising for Bear Real Estate Agency.

A while "airpark" community - all with parking space for their planes, RVs, boats and cars

Well, maybe a "pickup" as well.

And we do like the plane to match the house colours!

An individualised letterbox - very rare in the USA!

It throws you a bit the first time you encounter a plane on the road as you drive around.

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