Oregon and Idaho   

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From Portland we drove along the lovely (well, atmospheric in the rain), Columbia River Gorge to The Dalles. The gorge is beautiful even in the rain but we had sunshine the next day when we drove up Mt Hood - not to the top silly! But to the very elegant Timberline Lodge. The scenery up and the road back to The Dalles was just breathtaking. Sometimes majestic and at other times, soft and gentle. We spent Halloween in Boise. Bet you didn't know that Halloween is a "season" not just a day! Almost as big as Christmas.

Idaho is very "rural" and the scenery is striking with the autumn colours. And, we also found out that in the supposedly crime ridden US of A, some people still don't lock their doors. Another stereotype bites the dust!

Majestic Mt Hood in autumn.

Wheat fields in eastern Oregon with Mt Hood in the background.

Our first snow - at the Timberline Lodge - very exxy!! That snowman will probably last for six months.

One of the lovely falls along the Columbia River Gorge road.

Just outside the Dalles is Maryhill. It is actually a war memorial built to replicate an intact Stonehenge.

Maryhill in the mist.

Lovely autumn colours driving towards The Dalles from Mt Hood.

Columbia river on a moody afternoon - and weren't they all!

Moving into Idaho we came to Craters of the Moon - a very extensive area covered with lava formations.

Craters of the Moon landscape.

Beautiful vistas near the Craters of the Moon.

Wonderful autumn colours.

Wheat or barley fields in Idaho.

Rural Idaho.

Irrigation schemes for the wheat or barley crop.

A typical potato store in Idaho.

Wonderful autumn colours in Idaho.

The Sawtooth Mountains.

The Bitterroot Mountains.

State Capitol in Boise.

An evocative statue in a little park in downtown Boise.

Idaho Falls 'Greenbelt' - a park that runs around the river on both sides.


The Mormon Temple in Idaho Falls. It is just north of Utah and there is a very large Mormon population.

Idaho Falls in Idaho Falls (the city).

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