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It was as beautiful as everyone said! Such stunning architecture. We stayed with a wonderful Lithuanian family and got a good dose of Lithuanian culture as well as Czech. The potato pancakes, the soups.......

But it is a mystery why all the stonework is so black. Prague was not the only city in the world that had no concept of environmentally friendly fuels in the 19th and 20th centuries!

Inside St Georges Basilica at Prague Castle. It has wonderful acoustics and is often used for concerts now.

The Changing of the Guards at the castle - the Archbishop's Palace is the building on the left.

Golden Lane inside the palace walls - now housing a lot of high quality souvenirs

Wenceslaus Square - the heart of Prague today.

St Vitus Cathedral inside the castle precinct

An interesting sculpture at the end of Golden Lane

Carved entrance door for the old Town Hall

The Calvary sculpture on the Charles Bridge. The Hebrew writing is in gold. A Jew was fined for making some anti-Christian remark and had to add this to the sculpture as his punishment - it translates as "Holy, Holy, Holy God" - I think!

I think this is where Franz Kafka once lived - it is in Golden Lane

Statue of King Charles on the city side of the bridge

Typically decorated architecture

Entrance door to St Vitas Cathedral in the Palace

The mosaic of the Last Judgement at one entrance to St Vitas Cathedral

Looking from the castle walls over the town - you can see the television tower on the horizon.

Palace Guards

The Dancing House - supposed to be modelled on Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers

A marionette shop - marionettes are very popular in Prague

Poderak Cemetery and one of the lovely graves

A different marker in Poderak cemetery

A beautiful house on Paris St - one of the finest streets in Prague.

Interesting decor in a pub near where we stayed. And the beer was great too!

St Georges Basilica in the castle precinct

Statue of St. Cyril and St. Methodius - missionaries who introduced Christianity to the Slavs on the Charles Bridge

Interior of St Vitus

St. John of Nepomuk was thrown to his death in chains from this bridge, and this, the oldest sculpture on the span, was placed here to commemorate him. St. John is now green with age and worn from years of being touched for good luck

Interesting architecture in the old town

Wenceslaus Square

St. Norbert, St. Wenceslas, and St. Sigismund - patron saints of various Bohemian provinces. You can just see St Vitus in the background.

Modern gravestones in Vysehrad Cemetery

More outstanding architecture in the old town

Part of the facade of St Vitus

Constructed in 1410 the astronomical dial still works. It was probably in 1490, that a calendar dial was added under the astronomical dial. This clock is on the Town Hall in the old town

The Infant of Prague shrine with the famous statue in the church of Our Lady Victorious

An elaborate confessional in the Church of Our Lady Victorious

Charles Bridge

Very elegant architectural decorations

So common in Europe - if only we could do this in Oz. A cute little coffee shop and a very relaxed dog.

Dvorak's tomb in the Vysehrad Cemetery

The tiny lift in "our" building. You could just fit three people in if they had no luggage or bags.

Some outdoor market stall in "downtown" Prague

Now that's a limo!

Some marionettes - shops everywhere sold them and there were regular theatrical marionette shows.

Some rather typical restaurant menu boards

Another one

The Czechs do have a sense of humour - I loved this upside down crusader in a shopping centre in the centre of Prague

This is the main television tower. I just had to smile everytime I looked at it.

It is just so whimsical - bl***y marvellous

An unusual church near our subway station.

Looking out our window at "the babies".

Even in Prague - Aussie wine!