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Venice Rome Umbria

What can you say about Rome that hasn't been said a million times! We found it quite walkable - but it is not a small city so you had to be prepared to wear VERY comfortable shoes! The traffic is just chaotic. You can't work out the road rules. I think pedestrian crossings were just areas where drivers had the responsibility to actually avoid hitting you as they drove by at breakneck speed. That is all!

Vatican Museum had an horrendous queue but it actually moved quite quickly. Even though it seemed to be several hundred meters long it only took about 30 minutes to get in.

As with public transport everywhere in the US and Europe it worked well and seemed to be quite user friendly. I sometimes wonder how people coming to Sydney ever get anywhere when they are used to such good systems!

Electioneering near the Colosseum. Recycling in action!

Castel S. Angelo - actually built as a burial place for the emperor.

Remains of the Roman Forum.

An obviously expensive apartment building in the centre of Rome.

Artists in the Piazza Navonne.

The Colosseum as seen from the Sacred Way.

More of the Forum.

Cafes lining the Piazza Navonne.

Capitoline Hill - the smallest of the Seven Hills of Rome

A fountain on the Victor Emmanuel Monument - the "Wedding Cake".

Trevi Fountain - much smaller than I remembered it.

An artist plies his wares on the Pont Sant' Angelo

A city of churches - belltowers everywhere.

Actors in costume for the tourists outside the Colosseum.

Another church - not even a famous one!

Modern restorative work on the Colosseum.

The cupola in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. The major church in Rome dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Ancient remnants in the Forum

Forum silhouette.

Close up of the modern work done to maintain the Colosseum.

Outside the Parthenon

More artists in the Piazza Navonne.

The most famous Piazza Navonne fountain.

The Forum looking towards the Victor Emmanuel Monument.

Marcus Aurelius on Capitoline Hill

Pope's apartments - very familiar to the world since the televised vigil for the death of Pope John Paul II.

From the Forum looking towards the Colosseum.

Castel Sant' Angelo and Pont Sant' Angelo. The spot where I am standing seemed to be used as a urinal for the pedlars on the bridge!

A cute little lift where we were staying near the Termini Station

A lovely bridge on the Capitoline Hill - just outside the Forum.

The Colosseum

Everything was in election mode when we were there - even the ads for Foxtel!

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

The altar.

Classical sculpture on Capitoline Hill.

More classical art in a little garden near Termini Station.

I think the parking laws were a bit more "flexible" than we are used to - if you can fit a car there, you can leave it.

A beautiful shrine between the Vatican Museum and St Peters.

We would probably have changed the street name!

St Peters looking up Via della Conciliazione - Castel Sant' Angelo is just behind me.

Looking towards Santa Maria Maggiore from the park near us and Termini Station.

The Tiber

Arch of Septimus Severus in the Forum

Close up of a sculpture in the Trevi Fountain.

More fountains and artists in the Piazza Navonne.

The Wedding Cake - Victor Emmanuel Monument.

Arch of Constantine - outside the Colosseum

Side of the Arch of Constantine and looking towards the Forum via the Sacred Way.

Arch of Titus

Walking up the Sacred Way.


The altar of the Sistine Chapel

A beautiful stained glass in the Vatican Museum

"The" panel of the Sistine Chapel

One of the many unbelievably beautifully decorated halls in the Vatican Museum.

Treasures of the Vatican.

Yet more treasures.

The Sistine Chapel

Another wonderful sculpture in the Museum.

The "exit" stairway in the Vatican Museum.

Just one of myriad outstanding ceilings.