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Mt Rushmore - what can you say. It is just mind-boggling. The Black Hills are just a stones throw away too and they have some great caves and beautiful scenery. Unfortunately Americans don't seem to travel "out of season" so almost everything is "Closed for the Season". Luckily Mt Rushmore itself was "open" - I suppose it would be hard to close a mountain!

As you drive up towards Mt Rushmore, you come across this!

A bit closer and it is more identifiable, but it doesn't look like the postcards yet.

Gutzon Borglum, the creator of the Mt Rushmore monument. His son completed the work after his death.

The site is declared as a memorial to democracy.

The Memorial to Democracy with flags of all the states and the USA. Borglum selected the Presidents who epitomised his ideal of democracy.

The classic view.

The classic view again.

The profile view of George Washington.

The Black Hills of Dakota. The rocks are primarily dark grey granite.

Looking out over the Black Hills.

Sylvan Lake is just one of the lovely lakes in the Black Hills National Park.

Another view of Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake is quite small, is a man made lake and is surrounded by there dramatic rock formations.

This one is Lakota Lake

A few ducks on the edge of Sylvan Lake.

In the Black Hills is Wind Cave. It is not like the usual stalagmite/stalactite cave. It is much drier and has formations called "boxwork".

The wind cave had the largest amount of boxwork in the world.

More of the boxwork.

This is called "popcorn" - it is in vast quantities in this cave.

The cave is very deep - I think we went down something like a mile. We got a lift back up to the carpark.

A very kitch, 1950's Dinosaur Park in Rapid City. It was on a hill, high above the city, bitterly cold and windy. Not quite Jurassic Park.

Keystone - the town that supports Mt Rushmore - closed for the season. We managed to find one Service Station open but nowhere to get anything to eat!

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