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New Mexico was fabulous. The architecture, the people, the art, the culture! We spent most of our time in either Santa Fe or Taos and also spent a lot of time in churches! Religion is a very important part of the culture here.

Santa Fe has to be one of the most beautiful towns in America and/or the world.



The wonderful Sanctuario in Chimayo. There is a special "hole" in the ground in one of the rooms that has "holy soil" that is supposed to have miraculous qualities.

Such typical Santa Fe architecture



The church was originally a private "chapel" for one family but it had been given to the archdioceses now.

In the outside grotto many rosaries, medals and candles have been left.

This is the altar. All the work was done by people specially selected for the work.

At the back of the church is this section where again, pilgrims have made rough crosses and left them in the wire fence. There are hundreds of these crosses.

All these statues and pictures have been left by pilgrims, usually those who have asked for a favour. In another room there are all the crutches left by those who were "cured" by praying in the Sanctuario.

An outside crucifix - there is a special Stations of the Cross erected in this section of the churchyard.

Cimarron Canyon - on the mountain road to Taos from the New Mexico border.

This is the mighty Rio Grande between Taos and Santa Fe.

You can just make out part of Taos, beneath the Sangre de Christos mountains. The bridge "sways" when the big trucks go over it

Another similar view.

The Rio Grande Gorge west of Taos.

San Miguel Church in Santa Fe. It was built in the early 1600's and is the oldest church in New Mexico.

The altar and altar backdrop of San Miguel. The backdrop was "restored" in 1955.

The belltower of San Miguel

A lovely cross on the walls of San Miguel

San Jose de Gracia was built in Las Trampas in 1760. It has very unique bell towers. It is between Santa Fe and Taos.

A wider view of San Jose in Trampas

Beautiful church doors.

Into Santa Fe - in the downtown district.

The oldest house in Santa Fe - it is very close to St Francis Cathedral.

A shop selling typical Santa Fe home decorations. This shop was on Canyon Street

Canyon Street is home to dozens of artists, displaying their creativity in their front yards.

Autumn foliage and art in a quiet little "plaza" in Santa Fe.

A small street off Canyon St.

The art of Canyon St is both beautiful and playful!

More creativity.

I just loved the placing of these sculptures - the child's swing just reaching into the branches of a tree and the horse reaching for greenery in the tree.

Paintings for sale.

A very old doorway.

This sculpture was in the grounds of the Santa Fe Museum complex.

More art on Canyon Street

Some more sculptures in the grounds of the museum

The Museum was closed when we were there so we only got "exterior" shots. This great statue of an Apache Warrior guarded one of the museums.

As you enter the complex there is this great "monument" to the early settlers.

Close up of the Wagon Train Chief

The whole tableau from the back

The driver trying to control the wagon horses. What a fabulous piece of work.

The view towards Santa Fe from the museums. Notice that you can't see much in the way of buildings - the building codes don't allow anything more than maybe, two stories. I don't remember anything higher than that.

It is a lovely part of the world.

Chief Joseph in the background of this Indian group

St Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680) - first American Indian saint. This statue is at the entrance to St Francis Cathedral.

Chillis hanging from a candle in St Francis.

Typical Santa Fe art style for the Stations of the Cross in St Francis.

The presbytery attached to St Francis.

The Plaza in Santa Fe - downtown. You can see St Francis in the background - it is only a block away from the Plaza.

On the Plaza many people sell jewellery and art under the shade of the colonnade.

Michael having a relax with a friend in Taos.

The Plaza in Taos with some very elegant "street furniture"

Downtown Taos!

The original Taos Trading Post.

A great mural on a building just off the plaza in Taos.

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