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Every day I was gobsmacked by the astounding "hoare frost" beauty of the Scottish countryside. I had never experienced this kind of beauty before - not even in my winter in Calgary. I suppose that the temperature combined with the right amount of moisture led to the hoare frosts rather than just snow. Anyway, we were constantly stopping the car so I could take yet another photo!

This is beautiful Loch Leven

Scottish Highland cattle not far from Stirling

These magical roadways. This was in the highlands near Loch Tay

More Highland cattle and the "fairyland" trees

Even prickly old hedges can look stunning when dressed in hoare frost.

Can you believe this strand of trees. Even the old wire fence looks magical with the lace-like frost.

Two views of Lock Ness -a peaceful boat harbour and....

This is the famous Urquart Castle. It cost a bundle to take a tour - like about $40A. We decided to just peek through the fence.

Culloden - this hut is original. The site is not far from Inverness and it was VERY cold that morning. I don't know that the frost ever melts!

This is the actual Culloden battleground where Bonny Prince Charlie fought. The yellow flag marks one end of where the troops were lined up. The other end is behind where I am standing.

The obligatory visit to at least one Scottish Scotch distillery!

....and this is the Blair Castle not too far away. Its style is unusual for English or Scottish castles.

The wonderful Glencoe. Even in heavy mist it is enchanting.

More misty Scottish highland scenery.

Stunning Loch Leven.

Inverness Castle.

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