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As you travel around you do get to see signs that make you stop and think! Sometimes a sign is just plain weird. It is always interesting to see the way retailers "package" their goods - combinations you wouldn't normally think of. I didn't get a photo, but it was a bit surprising to find pharmacies also selling cigarettes! Quite common here.




Just outside of Lake Tahoe, at Eldorado Hills, is this "airpark" where you have to share the roads with aircraft. A bit unexpected the first time you see a plane taxi-ing towards you!

In Las Vegas, you sell what sells! Souvenirs and alcohol!



 Hunting season had just started when we got to Idaho. There were signs welcoming "hunters" and others directing you to hunting sites.

 This was in the BassPro store - with great merchandise for the fisherman, camper and/or hunter. The flash made the sign difficult to read so I had to add in the "d" and "r".

In the high desert you had to beware of the wild burros - we actually never saw one!

In Lafayette they ask you nicely to obey the law.

In South Dakota almost every service station is also a Casino. That means that they have a "slot machine" or two in a room labelled "Casino"!

In Dallas they know how to keep the boys under control on Friday night!

Such a nice town - they even identify the drawbacks to the town!

We must come back tomorrow for the free crab!


New Orleans

There were a lot of very distressing signs - leftovers from the ravages of Katrina.


There didn't seem to be many facilities available anywhere in New Orleans.

I don't know if this was written by one of the rescuers - letting others know about what they had found OR maybe it was to discourage looters!

The bottom of the "cross" usually told of how many bodies had been located. Here, someone was rescued.

Not a lot of tolerance for looters!

Not here either!

A heartfelt plea from someone to rescue a "good dog" they had been forced to leave behind.

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