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I know there is a lot of controversy over the best b-b-q in America but we can categorically state that Memphis wins! So succulent, so scrumptious and yet so simple. Just pork ribs done to perfection. And who would have known that we have Memphis to thank for the ubiquitous supermarket? The original Piggly Wiggly (or a reproduction thereof) is in the Pink Palace Museum.


You must start Memphis with Graceland.

The Presley family gravesite.

The entrance to Graceland. There is no entry except for people on tour and you get a little bus from the complex on the other side of the road. Many people have etched or painted their names in the bricks of the wall surrounding the estate.

The land is quite large and there are horse stables on the property.

The home is actually rather modest, considering how extravagant it could have been.

The rooms are not large but they are expensively decorated.

Apparently the Christmas decorations are done in the same way as Elvis did them during his life.

This was his parent's bedroom.

There are a couple of rooms containing heaps of gold and platinum records and other awards.

The solid gold cadillac - it is actually in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

He had a squash court built at some time and it now houses a collection of his costumes.

The Memphis museum had this wonderful cabinet. Just stunning.

Don't you just hate it when you go into a museum and recognise most of the things there?

They had a competition where various businesses and organisations decorated Christmas trees in different ways.

An old Memphis doctor's office. At least I didn't remember this!

And did you know that Memphis is where the first supermarket was opened.

This replica of the Piggly Wiggly is in the Memphis Museum.

Now we know who to blame!

This is the Pink Palace - Memphis Museum. Apparently it was built by the owner of the Piggly Wiggly but he became a bankrupt before he ever got to live there.

The costumes of the Cotton King and Queen of Memphis sometime in the 1950s

This is where they served us the best b-b-q. It is the Blues Cafe on Beale St.

And this is Beale St - the centre of music in Memphis.

Some more of the Christmas trees in the museum.

The big M - Memphis Bridge. Not quite the Sydney Harbour Bridge but impressive none the less.


Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Broadway - the heart of Nashville.

The Gaylord Entertainment Centre.

Again, The Gaylord Entertainment Centre. You could see these 'guitar sculptures' everywhere in downtown Nashville. The "Septics" do have a great sense of humour

They call it the 'Batman' building. I wonder why?

A Roy Orbison guitar sculpture.

Memorabilia from the Hall of Fame.

Gene Autry's guitar. I am showing my age!

A customised Cadillac - very western.

An old Grand Ole Opry poster.

The Ryman Theatre. This is the original venue for the Grand Ole Opry and also where we went to a concert. If you go, take a cushion! They do have a new theatre now too on a big Opry complex.

Row after row of gold records.

Johnny's guitar - one of, anyway.

My childhood hero. Now I am REALLY showing my age.

Porter Waggoner costumes. He performed the evening we went to the Opry. He is one of the oldest Opry members. He had a popular TV show in the US. Michael's grandmother just loved it.

More 'traditional' country and western costumes.

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