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Our Trip


In October 2005 we set off on our "great adventure" across America to spend Christmas with Michael's brother, Patrick, in Oklahoma. While we spent time with friends and relatives we also stayed or met some wonderful people who offered us amazing hospitality. We met these true travellers through GlobalFreeloaders.com or through HospitalityClub.org.

What an amazing experience!

It is so much better to meet "locals" who can share their culture with you and who can offer advice on what to see and do in "their neck of the woods".

We owe all our hosts so much that we can never repay them.

Both these organisations offer travellers a fantastic way to meet people who enjoy travel and who are great ambassadors for their own countries and towns.

Our memories of the US? Apart from the people? Rocking chairs, Christmas lights, Bass Pro stores and wonderful bargain hunting in antique stores/junk shops!