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Las Vegas is somewhere you have to go once in your lifetime! The architecture is just so totally "tacky" and amazing and outrageous and extravagant and ............. It is one of the cheapest places to have a good time, probably in the world! The casinos offer such great deals to get you to "use the facilities"! If you can resist the urge to spend more than the "freebies" they offer, you can have a great time for very little money! All the casinos seem to compete in the "extravagant world championships".

We left very early in the morning but the slot machines were still active at 6:30am and I don't think that many people had got up early to play!!! I have heard tell that people arrive on Friday evening and don't go to bed until they get home on Monday, after a "big weekend"!




The Fremont Experience. It is a light show held every night - the lights constantly changing to display different "designs" on the roof of Fremont Street - a pedestrian mall.

Another light show - the whole experience last about 20 minutes and is shown again in another 40 minutes. Each show seems to be different!



One of the many casinos on Fremont Street. These are the "cheaper" casinos and the Chamber of Commerce is trying to lure more people to this part of town - called "downtown" and away from "The Strip".

One of the very old and historic neon signs. This is actually on the corner of Fremont St and the start of "The Strip"

The Aladdin is one of the older and more historic casinos on "the strip"

This is the really beautiful Bellagio Casino. It is recognised as one of the more "tasteful" architectural designs.

Caesar's Palace - I believe it is the largest of the casinos. The hotel must have thousands of rooms!

Attached to Caesar's is the Forum - a shopping complex integrated with the casino. All the casino is themed to be "ancient roman style".

This is one of the gaming rooms inside Caesar's - we lost our shirts here - well $2. We won at least $5 everywhere else!

This is inside Harrahs. Except for the "theme" they are all very similar - rows upon rows of slot machines, tables for blackjack, roulette, poker etc and bars with more machines built into the bar itself.

The exotic exterior of Harrahs

The Mirage is noted for its waterfalls - apparently they are especially beautiful at night.

New York, New York is just opposite MGM Grand on the Strip.

Looking down the Strip from New York New York towards Paris

Excalibur - a more "children friendly" theme with shows appropriate for the kids. We went to a medieval tournament here - great fun.

Another view of NYNY with MGM Grand in the foreground.

Luxor is just exquisite. It is also one of the more "tasteful" but absolutely extravagant none the less.

Excalibur again.

The MGM Grand lion emblem.

One of the live lions inside MGM Grand - a great favourite with families.

The fabulous exterior of New York New York in the evening.

Treasure Island - almost at the start of the Strip proper - where it is nothing but the really lavish casinos - no more of the "budget" hotels!

The sidewalk leading to NYNY.

Inside Paris, Las Vegas. It definitely has a very Parisienne feel.

Do you need to be told? The Venetian.

Paris, Las Vegas

Another view of the Sphinx at the Luxor

Another statue in a quiet corner of the Luxor gardens.

In contrast to the extravagance of Las Vegas itself is the road leading to it. This is the Mojave Desert heading into the high desert and Vegas.

Another mood of the Mojave Desert.

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