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What will we remember? The bridges over the canals. Why? Because none of them are "wheelchair friendly" which also means they are not "suitcase wheels friendly". Why did we care? Because we had to lump our, by then, very heavy suitcases (especially "the big bastard") up and over five bridges and along cobblestoned streets to reach our accommodation - which was only a five minute walk if you weren't carrying anything. The bridge across the Grand Canal next to the St Lucia train station will forever be "that bloody bridge"! Using our 72 hour ticket to "ride the canal ferries" for a day and visit lots of the "islands" was also a great experience.

That "bloody bridge" - it was very long and had a lot of steps!

The Venice cemetery - on an island between Venice and Murano.

The beautiful marble facade of Ca d'Or.

A canal in Murano.

A little bridge near San Tomas.

At Zaccharia - it was the closest "ferry stop" to St Marks and therefore, very touristy and the coffee very expensive.

St Marks from the water.

A closer look at Ca d'Or.

The chapel of the Venice cemetery.

Morning traffic on the Grand Canal.

The Triple Bridge on one of the smaller canals.

Zaccharia "souvenir" sellers. I was very tempted with a gold painted, plastic gondola that lit up! Not!

Gondolas lined up on the Grand Canal.

The cemetery chapel again.

The obligatory photo of the Bridge of Sighs.

The lovely bell-tower in St Mark's Square.

The Rialto Bridge.

A typical gondolier taking tourists for a tour.

A cute little canal off the Grand Canal.

I think this was the Venice Casino.

Gondolas are also "normal transport" - taking people to work.

A Venetian ambulance.

The preserved body of St Lucy in the Church of Santa Lucia - near the main train station.

Modern extensions to centuries old apartments.

These look like tourists to me!

Having a chat while waiting for business.

Details of St Mark's Cathedral.

Typical morning traffic on the Grand Canal.

Murals adorn quite a few houses.

A beautiful piece of Venetian glass in Murano.

A cute little back-street.

The main drag in Murano.

The Bridge of Sighs (in the distance) from way up the canal.

It took us a long time, and many wrong turns to find this magnificent tower - and now I have forgotten its name!

Detail of the Bridge of Sighs.

St Mark's Square.

The entrance to St Marks.

This must be "tourist alley" - lines of gondolas, one after the other on what is obviously the tour route.

Close up of the mural above the doors to St Marks.

That bloody bridge!

Suburban Venice.

But it was still election time.

Detail of the facade of Ca d'Or

A Venetian hearse tied up at the cemetery wharf.

Striking murals.

Detail on the facade of the Doges Palace.

Entrance to the Grand Canal as seen from "open water".

Gondolas tied up for the evening.

Wall shrine on Maria Mater Domini church.

These murals must have been recently restored - they are so fresh and clear.

The Venice Lido - on an island a shortish ferry trip out of town. It was March and still a bit cold for the beach.

A Venice ferry.

Murano street scene.

The Postie!

Rialto Bridge.

St Mark's Square and its famous pigeons.

The Rialto Bridge - from the "inside" - lined with souvenir shops!

An eccentric rubbish bin on Murano.

Along Zaccharia.

The Church of St Francis - we stayed in the convent attached to this church.

Beautiful decoration above another entrance to St Mark's Cathedral.

St Lucia Station. I am not sure if the elephants have any significance.

The Triple Bridge.

Last but not least - that "bloody bridge" again!