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Flaki (Tripe soup), potato cakes with sugar and cream, socialist-realist architecture and shopping malls - quite an assortment of wonderful memories. But, it was the inspiration of the Polish spirit, and the way they rebuilt the Old City that really remains indelibly imprinted on the memory.

A bomb shelter in the basement of the apartment block where we stayed.

Apparently these were quite common because of the Cold War

These bomb shelters were reasonably spacious even considering the number of people who might have used them.

One of the alleyways in the Old City. The old city was completely destroyed by the Nazis but the Poles, without the approval of the Soviets, rebuilt it

The Warsaw "mermaid" and symbol of the city

The statue of "Choroegraphy" in the Palace of Culture and Science

In the Old Town. It was rebuilt from old photos and paintings. They say that what is now there was never actual but the individual buildings would have existed at some time - but maybe not at the same time or in the exact same place.

The Palace of Culture and Science - a "gift" from the Soviets to Poland. The Poles are not that appreciative!!

Very Socialist-realism architecture.

A widows grave site. The husband had died and is buried here and the site for his wife is already prepared - it just needs the date of death and a body!

Such a beautiful grave - and most were.

The grave of a young child in Powazki Cemetery

Outside the Cemetery are these myriat stalls selling plastic and various artificial flower wreaths

There didn't seem to be a lot of business but maybe when there was a burial many of the mourners bought wreaths on the spot - as it were!

You can see the Cemetery Chapel in the distance

Skaters on the rink below the Palace of Culture and Science

A quaint little seat with carved bear legs

This shrine was erected to show the site of a "curfew church" - where people gathered for mass after curfew

The "church" was just an apartment in a very normal looking block. The Poles never gave up their devotions.

the worker statue in the Palace of Culture and Science. Apparently the building contains many schools as well as libraries and galleries and various aspects of both culture and science

Interesting house decorations in the old city

A very elaborate and beautiful ironwork grave site

The "gothic style" cathedral - I think it was St John the Baptist Cathedral

In the "new" old city

The Kings Castle in the old city

This park or the area near this park was where the Jewish ghetto was. It has not been rebuilt.

The City Square in the old town

King's Castle again

The old town square

The walls of the old city

The Warsaw Mermaid in the old town square

Another "empty" grave - all prepared before death.