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Dallas, Amarillo, Cody, Laramie, Cheyenne, Little Big Horn - they do bring back memories of cowboys and indians at the local "flicks". Here are some photos of our journey through Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. You can imagine the Marlboro Man here.

Driving towards the Bighorn Mountains.

The Little Bighorn. Each marker showing where one 7th Cavalry soldier fell. The black one is General Custer.

More markers on the battlefield.

A memorial for the horses who also died.

Looking from the main battle area towards the river (where the Indians attacked from). There is now a military cemetery near the river.

The haunting memorial to all the Indians who died.

One of the few markers for Indians. The Indians mostly took their dead with them so there is no record of where they fell.

Inside the Buffalo Bill Cody Centre. There are five separate museums on the one site.

The Irma Saloon, once owned by Buffalo Bill. It is still a great 'pub' and the food isn't bad either.

Inside the Firearms Museum. A gun given to Cody and with his image carved on the handle.

Outside the Centre. Buffalo Bill pointing towards the mountains.

An exhibit inside the Firearms Museum.

More firearms. It was a very comprehensive museum.

A great sculpture.

The Cody Museum had some great artifacts. This is probably his most famous outfit.

The Native American Museum had a great display of Indian life and culture.

Wapiti Valley view - between Cody and Yellowstone Park. The road was closed about 30 miles from Cody.

The Buffalo Bill Dam in the Wapiti Valley.

Another view of the dam.

Isn't this a really cliché style of western ranch entrance? I just loved it.

Granite Pass between Cody and Sheridan.

Granite Pass again.

At the top of the pass - it was about 9200 feet.

Devils Tower in Wyoming. It certainly dominates the surroundings.

Legend says a giant bear scraped his claws down the tower while trying to climb it. The unique markings seem consistent with this 'legend'. Very impressive.

Dirty Annies - can't you just see the Saloon Girls?

Pole Creek Canyon. It does take you back to the old western movies.

I think the outlaws would probably have had a hideout on the other side of this canyon.

Moving on to Denver - inside the glasshouse of Denver's Botanical Gardens.

The glasshouse itself.

16th Street Mall in Denver. A lovely relaxed place to shop. The tram runs the length of the street too so you can do it all without working up a sweat.

The Denver Capitol from the Mall.

The Garden of the Gods just outside Denver. Snowcapped mountains and deep red sculptured rock.

Wonderful scenery.

Each sculpture did have a name - but we have forgotten them.

But it is breathtaking.

We thought it was just wonderful.

Such a brilliant red.

As you can imagine. I took a few photos.

More of the same beauty.

The USAF Academy in Colorado not far from Denver.

It's setting is brilliant.

The Parade Ground.

The Cog Railway to take you up Pikes Peak.

Near the top of Pikes Peak. The weather was too bad for us to go all the way to the top. The Railway stopped here.

The USAF Academy chapel.

Interesting architecture

Beautiful interior too. There are several 'chapels' - Catholic, Protestant and Jewish.

Pueblo is a pretty small town but they are developing a lovely "Riverwalk". Maybe it won't rival San Antonio but it is in keeping with the town itself.

These bronze statues of children are very popular all over the USA. This section of the riverwalk has quite a few depicting different sports and children's activities.

This is an elegant old home in Pueblo that is now a museum.

I know this section of the riverwalk had some symbolism but now I just can't remember it.

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